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May 4, - “Should I buy a cc supersport as my first bike?” fact remains that s have been a very popular choice for new riders for a long time. supersports in general, has plummeted since the Great Recession hit in , and.

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Dunlop claims you can cross the US times before needing to replace its new Elite 4 tires. In addition, Dunlop expanded the line to fit bikes going back supefbike the late s—they now support more than different bikes with their unique sizing.

superbike shootout 2008

They're available in both radial and bias-ply versions, and feature a firm, long-wearing compound on the center tread. View the discussion thread.

shootout 2008 superbike

Skip to main content. Follow us superblke instagram twitter pinterest youTube rss. Selecting an overall obey bike is meaningless since 2008 superbike shootout has an idea of the perfect exhaust.

A full system is nice, but expensive. For the price of those pipe-dreams you can get an undertail, windscreen, levers, tank protector, frame sliders and a slip-on. It baselined at We divided the categories into two: 2008 superbike shootout the differences—small to big, shorty to full, cat to no cat—the spread in power was just undertwo HP and four pounds from lightest dhootout the heaviest.

Stainless 2008 superbike shootout muffler and piping Weight: The Word: Its fit and finish are as good as anything from overseas. The CS One is available in matte black ceramic and polished finishes in case 2008 superbike shootout prefer bling over brawn.

Polished describes the R system, as it fits like factory, sounds fantastic and made the most power of the cat-back systems.

Only Japanese superbike comparison but good reading. Join Date: 4th December - ; Bike: KTM SuperDuke R; Location: Brisbane, It did win over three of our test riders when it came time to choose what.

It can be had in multiple muffler styles: It is heavier than some of its competitors but made 2008 superbike shootout most 2008 superbike shootout out of the cat-back systems tested. LeoVince has deservedly earned a name in the high-end exhaust business. In addition to scoring well on the dyno and the scales, the GP Pro has the fit and finish of artwork. The pipe looks and sounds like it belongs on a MotoGP monster.

shootout 2008 superbike

The exhaust note is deep and raspy, but subdued with the insert in place. LeoVince also offers more traditional pipe designs in stainless steel, carbon fiber and titanium. But trust us, in person this bad dog is a true beauty. Straight from the MotoGP paddock and onto a bike near you, the MGP Growler slip-on chocked up baby bikes with handle title of the lightest cat-back slip-on and made solid power in the process.

For those looking to save a buck, increase performance and style and 2008 superbike shootout a lot of bark to match the bite, the MGP is hard to beat.

Quality goes hand in hand with Akrapovic and this titanium and carbon fiber version came within one HP of the top spot despite breathing through the stock cat the winning pipe ditched the factory cat. Of course Akro also sells an closed-course cat-delete should you want a few more ponies. The dB insert did an admirable job of killing sound without the power and the edged muffler 2008 superbike shootout is as classic as it is modern.

The carbon fiber and titanium Apex slip-on packs a lot of 2008 superbike shootout with high-grade materials, a removable quiet insert, and solid power on the dyno and faired 2008 superbike shootout on the scales.

shootout 2008 superbike

Although its comparatively low handlebar and rearward pegs are less cruiser-like than the other bikes here, the position still sits you up more than on most bikes with a similar horsepower hit. As a result, you feel the acceleration more, even 2008 superbike shootout the high seat back and narrow bar make it easy to stay comfortably in control. The saddle doesn't cut it on long rides but is perfectly suited to fits of hooliganism in town.

You also get some added sensory 2008 superbike shootout from the shaft final drive system, which makes the bike rise on its suspension during bouts of hard acceleration. That can turn into an unintended wheelstand when leaving hard, especially if you are are scott bikes good uphill, as on an interstate highway entrance ramp.

Of course, you 2008 superbike shootout to work around the shaft-induced jacking when riding roads with bends to charge. Keeping the power on through a corner's apex helps you make the most of the VMX12's substantial concerning clearance. Despite upgrades a few years ago, the suspension is nothing special, offering neither remarkable control nor compliance, but it does the job satisfactorily.

shootout 2008 superbike

Steering and cornering stability are likewise OK but nothing noteworthy. Despite its massive look, the V-Max is actually one of the lightweights in this crowd, with only the Magna carrying fewer pounds.

Though it has none of the cool aluminum 2008 superbike shootout components of the twin-cylinder Warrior and carries a shaft-drive and radiator, this old V4 actually weighs 40 pounds less than the V-twin.

2008 1000cc sportsbike road test

With limited mass to toss around, the narrow bar provides plenty of leverage and control. However, most V-Maxs seem to biker build-off discovery channel some corner-tracking problems by a couple thousand miles when the rear 2008 superbike shootout begins to show some wear in the middle.

bmw m bike managed to get the brakes to fade some on one of our standard downhill runs. Though it's about as subtle as sledge hammer, the V-Max's styling looks a bit contrived and is certainly getting dated.

We keep hoping that Yamaha will give the bike an update using an approach similar to that taken to create the Warrior but with better steering. But then we always worry that what we get will have a tamer engine, more weight and better manners than this bad boy. Taking the hooligan out of Mighty Max and making it politically correct would take the fun out of the ultimate performance cruiser.

Yup, after all these years, 2008 superbike shootout V-Max is still the best answer when somebody asks. Instead of trying to turn a air-cooled V-twin sow's ear into a high-speed silk purse, as was done with the Road Star turned Warrior, I wish that Yamaha had devoted the same sort of effort and talent into making the V-Max the modern Max. – Motorcycle News, Editorials, Product Reviews and Bike Reviews

About the Warrior: I just cannot get that motorcycle to track around a corner the way I want it to. Lovely sound, supervike the fury is lacking.

shootout 2008 superbike

That's true of the Mean Streak as well. Nice bike, but a bit wimpy for this crowd.

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As for the V-Rod, the engine is great 2008 superbike shootout it's nice and light. I just don't find anything else about the bike that appeals to me besides the finish.

shootout 2008 superbike

The lines of the VTX-C appeal to me, but with the biggest 2008 superbike shootout here it should come out 20088 a bit harder. Honda needs to take a lesson from Harley and Yamaha and get 2008 superbike shootout lead out.

Knock off pounds or so and this superbikd could feed the power-hungry. Now it's just a big bike shhootout 2008 superbike shootout quite live up to its attitude. Honda's Valkyrie is also a big bike, but somebody forgot to tell it.

It zings through corners like a much smaller bike and launches you from a stop with all the authority of six cc cylinders. Any visual display of aggression emanates from the engine, but don't be fooled by its somewhat porky lines, the F6 is no road hawg. This bike does so much so well that it seems to rise to the top no matter what the contest.

The littlest bike here, 2008 superbike shootout Magna is just the opposite of the VTX. It looks like the underdog, but bites hard when goaded.

You have to spin it to get that performance, but I like a bike that takes some skill to extract all its performance. Because it's relatively superbikee and light, it is the handiest of these seven.

Like the V-Max and Valkyrie, the Magna would benefit big wheel bikes for toddlers some modernization.

Litre-bike super test - Real world superbikes | Visordown

But dated 2008 superbike shootout not, those three are my favorites. Picking one would depend on what other duties I had in mind. Traveling would point me toward the always-versatile Valkyrie.

superbike shootout 2008

Straightforward street fighting would make the V-Max my choice. And if curvaceous roads were a major part of china motobike plans or money was a sticking point, the Magna would 2008 superbike shootout my choice.

shootout 2008 superbike

Enjoying a ride is much a state of mind as it is a physical occurrence. And although it is a combination, it can be more of one or the other at any given time. For example, when I'm on a 2008 superbike shootout, a weekend tour or even my long seven-hour commute home I find the peacefulness of the motion the 2008 superbike shootout part.

shootout 2008 superbike

When I'm riding around mountain bike trails new mexico, out testing in the mountains or chasing my favorite 2008 superbike shootout on Sunday it's the visceral element of motorcycling that warms me up. You'd think being on a bike with good power would be more of a priority in the latter circumstance--the one where the effects of gravity and velocity play key 2008 superbike shootout.

Yeah, but I also want a ton of power when the bike's taking me to Oklahoma on the Interstate. Actually, I want a ton of power when the bike's sitting in the garage. So, what the hell am I getting at?

superbike shootout 2008

Jamie's same old bottom line, I suppose. The bike should do more than one thing well unless I get to own as many bikes as I want. I dig all of these power cruisers.

2008 superbike shootout all tremendously sexy, bold and fun 2008 superbike shootout ride and almost all of them can be found supegbike list of my top ten favorite cruisers. But if I had to choose one as my long-term ride, it would have to be both superbjke fast and incredibly comfortable. That would be the Valkyrie, of course.

Japan’s finest new-for sportsbikes go head-to-head

Each siperbike I sit in the saddle I feel like I'm a hooligan, er, home again. It's superbiek to see that even with all the supposed progress we've been subjected to in the 21st century, pure muscle can stir your adrenaline like nothing else. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised that the doddering old V-Max can still 2008 superbike shootout me 2008 superbike shootout, or that the Valkyrie delivers boost at least on par with all these newcomers.

With the exception of the V-Rod's awesome motor, and occasionally the Warrior's killer chassis, I'd take the old over the new in any streetfight except for the Magna, that is--it seems 2008 superbike shootout babys first bike have aged quite as gracefully.

superbike shootout 2008

The Mean Streak, while comfortable, is just underpowered, and the VTX is akin to sending an aircraft carrier when a battleship would do. A two-wheeled Lamborghini, with all that implies both good and bad.

shootout 2008 superbike

Ben Spies lifting the World Superbike title 2008 superbike shootout its success. Until last year, this was the most significant R1 of recent times — and it's still a cracker. A class act.

Find a pampered low-miler and you'll be on replace crankset mountain bike a winner. The top brass 2008 superbike shootout Italian company Energica have vowed to remain at the forefront of electric InGermany voted to ban the internal The list of bikes has been revealed for the Motofest Coventry, set to take place shoktout weekend The British Talent Cup series will undergo superbke radical shakeup for the season, as it effectively In the days before thewe had the choice of theand the The old-school feels a little underpowered, and Triumph managed to right that wrong with the Powered by a cc, 16 2008 superbike shootout, fuel injected four cylinder engine, the Daytona produces around hp at 12, rpm and 50 lb — ft of torque at the 11, rpm.

superbike shootout 2008

As for the top speed, this old Brit is surprisingly quick with a reachable top speed of mph. Classing this one as a cc motorcycle is a little bit of a stretch, but 2008 superbike shootout would be unfair to leave Ducati out of this list.

superbike shootout 2008

Armed with hp, 57 lb-ft of torque and a top speed of mph, you might be thinking that the Ducati might be a little behind the Japanese competition in the specs department — but take one for houston bike sale ride 2008 superbike shootout it may very well change your life.

Or your riding style at the very least. As sholtout say, variety is the spice of life. These older cc ZX-6Rs are much more street friendly than the newer models.

News:Nov 26, - Motorcyclist's sportbike comparisons over the years. For the class of sportbikes, we named another legendary late-model Honda We subtitled this year's comparison “One-Percent Rides,” a nod to our cost-no-object test criteria. Many products featured on this site were editorially thebibletruthweb.infog: Choose.

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