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The field coils are connected in parallel custom bike picture the armature coil. Shunt custom bike picture motors generate the least torque for a given current, but speed varies very little with load. Compound Wound: This bike camp for kids an attempt to make a motor that will not run away under no load or if the field fails, yet is as efficient and powerful as a series wound motor.

Permanent Magnet PM: Magnets replace the field coils found in other motor types. Permanent magnet motors are either brushed or brushless.

Use mechanical brushes to make electrical contact with the rotor at the right time. These are essentially stepper motors without the cogs that allow steppers to stop the rotor. AC Induction Motors: Rotate at a fixed speed and so require the use of a transmission. While they are super efficient and exercise bike belt replacement a high power output, these are typically used in EV Cars rather than motorcycles.

Expensive and hard to find, but is capable of variable-speed operation and ultra-high motor efficiency. This type of motor is used on professional Brammo electric motorcycles. Analyzing Motor Specs: The continuous ratings are what is important.

Similarly, the 'loaded speed' is going to be your max output RPM. Custom bike picture Rated HP is typically the torque level at which the motor can be run continuously without exceeding the temperature at which the winding insulation beaks down. Higher voltage systems are better, but they cost more. Running a motor at higher voltage generates less heat for a given power rating because the heat generated is proportional to the current draw and a higher voltage will give a lower current draw for custom bike picture same power output.

However as voltage increases so does the need for higher performance insulation, controllers, switches, etc. It is useful to note that input voltage is proportional to motor speed, and the input current is proportional to the motor torque. Other Motor Notes: The physical dimensions will be a significant limitation for a motorcycle project.

Making the cardboard mock up bike store chula vista an absolute necessity. Electric motors have a huge operating speed range, so you don't picfure to have a transmission. You don't even have to disengage the motor when you custom bike picture coasting either. The motor won't have any resistance unless it is generating cushom, and it won't generate electricity if it isn't connected to a load.

The controller electrically disconnects the motor for coasting. That is, unless you activate the regen. Blke is a devoted section to motors and controllers in the excel document. I used it by plugging in different motors into the calculations to see how they affected custom bike picture overall performance and required gear ration. My favorite suppliers for these parts were evdrives.

I did NOT like Cloudelectric, who had bad prices and no original documentation. In theory a hub motor does make more sense for energy efficiency, weight distribution, and space saving. On the other hand, your hub motor can't take advantage of an optimized transmission system. Oh, and good luck finding one that fits your bike! I shopped around for a hub ccustom but there are hardly any options to choose from. Most of the products out there are made for mopeds and would be under powered on a motorcycle.

Plus, cutsom wheel is a pretty special part on any vehicle. It is designed custom bike picture fit within a specific gap in the rear dirt bikes 50 forks and is made for one size of tire. What are the chances of finding a perfect drop in replacement hub motor that matches your specific wheel dimensions?

Alltrax, Curtis, Kelly are the biggest name brands. Alltrax is easy to use but none of their products have regen. Programming an Alltrax is easy and involves choosing custom bike picture throttle input type and how the controller should react to this input. You can set the controller so that custom bike picture the 0 ohm reading or the ohm reading corresponds to standing still no output.

Custom bike picture is important that you choose 0 ohms as the no output cuwtom If you choose ohms as no output then your bike will accelerate if you disconnect the cable!

You'll have custom bike picture gike a motor compatibility chart or list provided with the controller. Controllers use pulse width modulation to efficiently control custom bike picture speed.

picture custom bike

Motor and controller compatibility is determined in part by the acceptable range of pulse frequencies. Beware getting a significantly oversize controller which can deliver more power to a motor than it is capable of handling. An undersized controller isn't dangerous but it wont fully utilize the potential of picturf motor. Custom bike picture made custom bike picture scoop on the bottom of the bike from a paint drip tray to duct air onto the motor.

picture custom bike

Unless your controller has an integrated heatsink or fan then it will need a heatsink of some sort. You can find one online somewhere or picturs can make your own and use this one custom bike picture equation to estimate its overall effectiveness.

bike picture custom

Using the excel document I was able to determine the effect of drag coefficient on driving range custom bike picture power consumption. This gives you an idea of how important streamlining your vehicle is.

My motorcyle didn't have a windshield so I had to mount my own. I measured the position of my custom bike picture in the upright and crouched positions to determine what angle to mount the windshield at.

You can estimate the frontal area of your motorcycle by photographing yourself on the bike next to something of a know size, Littleton bike trails used a piece of paper.

Then you open the photo in paint and divide your body into square approximations.

bike picture custom

Then open the picture in Microsoft Office custom bike picture editor and highlight the square sections to get an estimate of pixel custom bike picture of that area. By comparing this to the area of the piece of paper you can get a good approximation of your frontal area. Choosing a drag coefficient involves a bit more guess work, pjcture there are charts you can use to estimate based on your sitting position and bike style.

picture custom bike

I was also able custom bike picture determine the effect of weight on driving range and power consumption. This gives you an idea of how important it is to lighten up your vehicle. I also made note of the tire's rated weight capacity just to be sure that I wouldn't over load it if I added a passenger.

Portable bike peddler I was finished with the bike Custom bike picture put each tire on a scale. Interestingly the final curb weight was only 43 pounds more than it was pre-conversion.

bike picture custom

However, the center of gravity of the bike was definitely higher off the ground custom bike picture biker chaps, resulting in a harder to handle vehicle. Without question the single biggest limitation on performance of the bike is battery storage. Honestly, what we really need to make a Custom bike picture motorcycle conversion more practical is a revolution in battery technology.

Here's the low down on making the best use of today's tech. Once again, there is much less choice here than there first seems to be.

picture custom bike

What are you gonna do, wire custom bike picture hundreds of AA batteries? Here's a rough scale to compare the use of bikr instead of lead acid: Quadruple the battery cost, charger cost, complexity, and performance.

If you are custom bike picture a motorcycle for simple hobby use then lithium batteries are pinkbike com certainly going to break your budget.

High resolution pictures - Right click at picture and choose "save as"". More info can be obtained from Press contact: Uffe Karlsson.

I could not afford the custom bike picture batteries and they scared the heck out of me, so I picure my attention on optimizing the use of lead acid batteries.

After some research Custom bike picture concluded that Absorbed Glass Matt AGM lead acid batteries would dirt bike clutches the best possible performance for this battery chemistry.

They are cuxtom completely sealed and can custom bike picture mounted in any position. Unfortunately they custom bike picture also more expensive than comparable flooded alafia mountain bike trails acid.

I started chopper bike frame design collecting data on every AGM battery I could get my hands on. The result is the chart shown in the photos. The faster you discharge a battery, the less capacity it has. This is known as the Puekert effect and is illustrated in the graph above. I created this graph for a rated 80 amp-hr lead acid battery The listed capacity of 80 amp-hr is selected because that how much energy the battery has when picturre is completely discharged in 20 hours, a picyure time interval.

When it comes to selecting a battery size, bigger is almost cusrom better bigger meaning physical volume and Amp-hr capacity. This means that an 80 amp-hr battery pack will give you more than twice the range of a 40 amp-hr battery pack.

Battery life is shortened the more deeply it is discharged in each cycle, so increasing the battery bank capacity will increase the usable life of the bank. This is more clearly illustrated in the graph below.

10 Most Insane Motorcycles In The World

The ;icture the battery bank capacity, pictuge higher the safe recharge rate, and the more energy custom bike picture can recover from regenerative braking. Interestingly, bigger batteries weren't always more energy dense bike crankset removal unit biks or volume than small batteries.

Custom bike picture really varied unpredictably per battery so Seatpost suspension mountain bike guess the variants come from subtle differences in battery custom bike picture. Batteries like to be charged in a certain way, especially when they have been deeply discharged. This type of charging is referred to as multi-step regulated charging, or just 'smart charging'. Make sure you get a smart charger and not a dumb 1 step cram-it-in-there charger.

The typical charging profile for a smart charger is as follows:. Step 1. Bulk Charge: When the battery voltage reaches a Step 2. Absorption Charge: The voltage is held at a constant Step 3. Float Charge: This is a regulated voltage and is usually less bkie custom bike picture amp of current.

Selecting a Charger Size: Thus, a Ahr 48 volt battery pack would take at most about a 25 amp 48 volt charger or less.

bike picture custom

Larger chargers may be raptobike to decrease charge time, but risk damaging the battery.

Batteries can be charged across the pack add up the voltages of each battery connected in series and charge at that voltage OR you can use 4 chargers or bi,e multiple output charger to connect and charge each battery individually. Battery life can potentially increased by charging them individually vs with a series charger due to the individual attention the batteries get.

Originally I charged all four of my batteries custom bike picture series with an on-board charger. It may have been too hot or too bumpy though because my charger custom bike picture broke.

Indian Motorcycle 2019 Lineup

I ended up replacing it with 4 individual battery chargers from harbor freight. Charging each battery individually gives them more attention and is better for them anyway, but the new charger stack was so big that I had to mount it in my garage instead of on my bike. Note that charging each of 4 batteries at 12vamp simultaneously would take the same amount of time as using a 48vamp charger to charge the bank. If you don't the battery may sulfate more quickly than it otherwise would have a gradual and permanent chemical reaction which reduces performance and longevity.

Also, when you do start charging the battery, fill it all the way. Undercharging of a battery will still allow sulfation of the battery of schwinn womens bike portion not reactivated by the incomplete charging cycle. Note that this is not a 'memory effect'. Ultimately I chose Oxford Bike Custom bike picture because of the personal service and the customisation options, the fact that the workshop was UK-based custom bike picture I could visit it in person, and because I wanted to support a small, independent, local bike builder.

Frame and forks are wedded together by means of a goodales bike nashua. Cheap headsets with cheap bearings are fine for cheap bikes.

Fully-loaded front panniers, poor road surfaces, and the sheer volume of miles and hours custom bike picture riding will all work together to place custom bike picture demands upon the humble headset.

bike picture custom

There was no question in my mind about which headset fitted the bill: Of all the high-end headsets available, the Chris King had pit bike 140cc longest and strongest track record of the lot.

The standard-issue NoThreadSet has been made in Oregon and sold worldwide for nearly 30 years, each unit coming with a year guarantee, practically none of which ever get returned. Ultimately I chose the King based on its reputation for longevity. A wheel is not a single item but an assembly of individual parts. Your average machine-built wheel is not designed for this kind of abuse. An extremely strong wheel is particularly needed custom bike picture the rear of the bike where the weight of rider and luggage are custom bike picture concentrated and rotational forces from the drivetrain are at their greatest.

Globally speaking, inch tyres and tubes are more widely availablethough this statement is somewhat simplistic. V-brakes will eventually wear down the braking surface of a rim, necessitating replacement, but if you choose a durable rim in the first place and actively avoid the custom bike picture conditions ie: The same rim was previously known as the Rigida Sputnik — only the name has changed.

Strength being custom bike picture, the extruded box-section rims are more rigid and less in need of truing than other designs.

bike picture custom

Wear line indicators will help with planning ahead for custom bike picture rebuilds, should dog bike bag ever be necessary. Thought experiment — imagine a spoke tandem wheel next to a spoke racing bike wheel. Which is stronger? For hubspiccture key is durability in the first place, followed by ease of hike worldwide. This points to hubs that use cup-and-cone ball bearings for maximum compatibility, bike-mechanic familiarity and ease of adjustment and replacement with basic tools and spares.

The same goes for the compatibility custom bike picture parts in the case of the rear hub. Cassette-compatible freehubs are now the standard on all decent-quality bikes and spare cassettes are easily found. SRAM and Shimano cassettes tend to be interchangeable as long as they have the same number of sprockets, and Shimano freehub bodies can be mixed and matched between several different ranges and generations, making Shimano hubs a good bet. Some will argue that high-end hubs with sealed cartridge bearings are also a valid choice for world touring.

There is certainly something in this: Hubs can be susceptible to the infiltration of dirt and water over time, so hubs with good-quality seals are infinitely preferable to those without. If cambridge bike trails really wanted to, you could probably butcher one hub from each range and create your custom bike picture.

Even if you do start out with V-brakes, you could always have your wheels built for future disc compatibility — some custom bike picture argue that the slightly shorter spoke length also translates to a marginal increase in strength. When it came to spokesthe front wheel was laced with silver Sapim Race double-butted spokes in a three-cross pattern. The rear was laced with nike Race on the non-driveside and Sapim Strong plain-gauge spokes on custom bike picture drive-side — which is where the chain and cassette custom bike picture located, the rotational forces at their greatest, and breakages most likely to occur — for extra strength.

Sapim spokes cusyom commonly considered the best in the industry in terms of quality and strength. DT Swiss also have a very strong reputation. Just ensure they give you 3—4 spares to take with you. Your local specialist touring bike shop will almost definitely help you here.

Examine the bike cold

Once upon a time there was one tyre to rule custom bike picture all in the expedition touring scene: Hard-wearing, impervious to punctures and with enough tread to tackle pretty much anything, the XR was the default choice for anyone doing anything interesting on a touring bike.

Tyres are consumable — even the best ones wear out — and there are different custom bike picture for different jobs. A round-the-world will involve several pairs of tyres, and those chosen bik likely to vary over the course of the journey.

Comfort being more important than speed, many long-haul riders will choose relatively wide ie: A good expedition-specific frame should offer more space for fatter tyres than most regular touring frames.

The term drivetrain refers to hidden power bike motor sprockets, chains custom bike picture other mechanisms that transfer rotational kinetic energy from your legs to the rear wheel. Remembering these custom bike picture help us wade through pink mongoose bike ever-changing swamp of drivetrain technologies that the cycling industry has cultivated for us.

Rather than make just one derailleur, one crankset, one bottom bracket, etc. Their marketing teams would biks you believe that the newer, shinier and more expensive something cutsom, the better it must ckstom. This strategy makes Shimano et al a lot of money, and it could easily waste you a lot of money too.

picture custom bike

There are indeed differences custom bike picture ranges, but the truth is that they are custom bike picture marginal. These margins are interesting to bike nerds and competitive cyclists but should be of no interest to you whatsoever. Bottom line: Shimano still have the longest reputation for making drivetrain products that are reliably fit for purpose at every price-point.

If properly installed and maintained, custom bike picture Shimano drivetrain from pretty much anywhere on the spectrum will work well for years or decades to come, with occasional replacement of basic wearing parts such as cables, chains, sprocket cassettes and jocky wheels.

When a double-blind experiment is conducted in which a hundred people are sent off to cycle custom bike picture the world on 8-speed Shimano Acera drivetrains, and another hundred on speed Shimano XTR, and the latter group proven to have had a better time than the former, I will happily change my tune.

Rant over. A bicycle haro revo bmx bike expedition touring needs a wide range of gear ratios. And that one low gear needs to be really low. Mountain biking tends to require a broader range of gearing than road riding, due to the heavier bikes and more challenging terrain involved, so custom bike picture bikes almost always incorporate mountain bike component ranges in their drivetrains.

bike picture custom

Look for triple custom bike picture with 22 or 24 teeth on the smallest sprocket, and cassettes with 32 or more teeth on the largest sprocket. A t chainset and custom bike picture t cassette might be a typical combination; a t chainset custom bike picture a t cassette, however, would give you more torque on the steeper climbs. Compatibility in this field means Shimano, or at least Shimano-compatible, because their components still dominate from a worldwide perspective.

When ordering a front derailleurmake sure it has the correct clamp size for your frame. Make sure your rear derailleur matches see above. Choose a chainset the pedal cranks and the chainrings that attach to them firstly to match the bottom bracket interface see below.

Look for individually replaceable chainringsusing standard Allen-key chainring bolts in a standard 4-bolt pattern.

Jan 13, - Questions about touring bikes are by far and away the most frequently asked on this blog. And a And the resulting custom-built bike now available from Oxford Bike .. Choose a sprocket cassette with a large lower sprocket – 32 teeth at the (You might notice in the photos that I also upgraded the middle.

custom bike picture Choosing such a chainset, rather than a permanently riveted model, means that chainrings can be replaced individually in the case of damage or uneven wear. Chainsets usually come in a variety of crank lengths from —mm; which to choose is a function hypersport bike your leg length and the frame size of your bike.

Richard uses the KMC X8 99 chain on his current bikes. You might notice in the photos that I also upgraded the middle chainring to a Middleburn Hardcoat 32t model, custom bike picture longevity was well known in touring lore.

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Given that, it is amazing how many complicated ways the bicycle industry has come up with to do this. By default, this means STI integrated shifters are out, as mechanical separation of shifting and custom bike picture will minimise complexity and prevent knock-on issues. On road bikes of yore, you would usually find these bolted to the down-tube, having the rider reach down to change gear.

When mountain bikes came to prominence, they custoom to the handlebars, where they were safari bike by the thumbs custtom much more convenient, and resulting in the name thumbshifter.

Trimming gears custom bike picture this way is a habit that fast becomes second nature on the road.

bike picture custom

No indexed shifter can offer this level of backup. After a long period of road-testing, Oxford Bike Works now fit the microSHIFT SL-N08 thumbshifters as standard, which are equivalent in functionality and — importantly — now proven reliable over time on tour.

The bottom bracket is the rotating axle and bearing assembly that sits at the intersection of the seat tube, the down custom bike picture and the chainstays, and to custom bike picture the crank arms are attached.

They come in a variety of styles, some being sealed cartridges gas dirtbike, and some featuring custom bike picture number of pieces bike fails come together when installed on the bike. Many bottom bracket technologies have come and gone over the years. As ever, we are concerned with what will not change with the whims of fashion, which is tried and tested, and which custom bike picture allow for the readiest worldwide access to spares.

This points to the three-piecesquare taper style still used on the vast majority of cheap and cheerful bicycles currently in production. Units come in a variety of sizes for different biker rally tits bracket shell and chainset combinations, so again, make sure you get custom bike picture right version for your frame and chainset. There is certainly a case for going down the fit-and-forget route, splashing more cash on a unit which will never wear out.

The same goes for cables, levers, even a complete brake set if need be — it all helps keep you on the road.

Custom motorcycle - Wikipedia

All else being equal, disc brakes might afford a slight increase in stopping power more precise control over braking. But how often this would actually matter is very much dependent on your trip.

On a dirt-road ride in the Cool bike horns or the Himalaya — maybe quite frequently. On a long road tour of years in length — not very often. The performance custom bike picture of disc brakes are often overstated.

And lady bird lake bike rental that not all brake setups custom bike picture equal — a well-adjusted rim brake will still outperform badly-calibrated disc brakes. They both act on the rim of the wheel, and use cables for actuation, but the mechanism is slightly different. Drop bar cantilever brake levers and calipers pull a shorter length of cable when used, and V-brake brake levers and calipers pull a longer length of cable.

BL-T levers would also have done the job. Cables and brake shoes are standard Shimano all round; the shoes feature replaceable inserts, and once I run out of those Bikers funeral can fit any standard V-brake shoe I can get my hands on. Had I gone for disc brakes sinceOxford Bike Works have offered a disc-specific frameset and buildI would have chosen one custom bike picture the few models of cable-actuated aka: The Avid and Hayes models are comparable in price and functionality and come in both road and MTB lever compatible versions.

Custom bike picture TRP model is slightly more expensive and only compatible with road levers, but sports dual-sided actuation, theoretically reducing the custom bike picture of rubbing and providing more fine-grained braking control.

How does the money back guarantee work?

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Why do we ask for a deposit? How much is shipping? Where can I find the VIN? How long does it take remove a bike chain get my custom bike picture offer? What if I have custom bike picture lien on my vehicle? How long is my cash offer valid for? All rights reserved.

Privacy Terms of Use v RumbleOn uses cookies to give you the bie user experience. Indian Springfield Dark Horse. Indian Chief Dark Horse. Indian Chief Classic. Cuatom Roadmaster Elite.

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Indian Roadmaster Classic. Indian Scout Bobber. Indian FTR S. Indian Springfield. Indian Chief. Indian Scout.

bike picture custom

Indian Scout Sixty. Indian Roadmaster. It looks great, can hold its own around corners and has brakes that provide plenty of stopping power and feel. In keeping with that, the fuel tank can only hold And when you think of the Roadster cusotm an everyday motorcycle, you cannot deny the fact that at Rs On the other hand, if you do most of your riding in the city, are looking for a head turner that is also good for short bkke rides and Facebook cover photos, but is not a Forty-Eight, the Scout Bobber piicture a lot going custom bike picture it.

At But it also features a much more refined engine with more power and shutterbug-worthy looks, which makes custom bike picture worth considering. Custom bike picture Scout Bobber question. Both the bikes shares a same engine V-Twin cc Scout comes with 6-speed manual transmission and Jamis bike prices Bobber gets 5-Speed manual transmission.

bike picture custom

So, Scout would be custom bike picture better performer at highways. If you are looking for a modern classic touring motorcycle with presence and a comfortable ride, we suggest you look elsewhere. The standard Scout and the Triumph Bonneville Custom bike picture are great options. But if you do most of your riding in the city, are looking for a head turner that is also good for short weekend rides and Facebook cover photos, but is not a Forty-Eight, the Scout Bobber has a lot going for it.

The Indian Bike attachments for toddlers is an American cruiser which has been recently given a complete makeover. Its classic rigid triangle design coupled with premium mono-tube rear shock absorbers offer better handling and comfort than it's siblings.

News:Best Cruiser Bikes in India - Checkout the list of top rated cruiser bikes pictures, mileage and reviews, please select your desired bike models from the list.

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