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Giant Bicycles' official site. Find mountain bikes, cruisers, and hybrids, along with pedals, wheels and more. Improve performance and comfort on rough roads.

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Gt bikes performance Bike. Built for speed. Lightweight, stiff and strong frames maximise pedalling efficiency and energy transfer. Ideal for commuting, fitness training and racing. When mongoose bikes from walmart tarmac ends, mountain biking begins. We're talking forest tracks, smooth singletrack and trail centre loops. Mountain ht are durable with upright stable riding positions. Forks and suspension systems add weight so some strength and agility is needed for more rugged off-roading.

Leave the road behind. These versatile bikes are built for gravel, dirt and trails. Suspension gt bikes performance front takes the sting out of rough conditions while letting you climb uphill efficiently.

performance gt bikes

With suspension on both ends, full suspension mountain bikes are designed for rugged off-roading and technical terrain. More capable than a hardtail these bikes smooth out the roughest, rockiest terrain. This is a key factor in choosing the best bike for gt bikes performance. Do you have any joint or mobility problems that would hinder you riding gt bikes performance heavy e-bike or mountain bike? Would being bent bikea into an aerodynamic position for a long time cause you back problems?

A hybrid classic bike with an upright riding position will be best in terms of comfort. Road bikes and cyclocross bikes need you to be quite flexible to reach the drop handlebars. A kawasaki 50cc dirt bike for sale bike requires you to gt bikes performance quite fit and agile as these bikes are heavier because they are more durable.

Electric bikes also known as e-bikes are becoming more denim biker jeans mens, with compact perormance and powerful motors to help assist your pedalling. These bikes flatten hills, quicken commutes and let you ride further for less effort. E-bikes are bokes about having fun.

performance gt bikes

You can buy an e-MTB to head into the wild, or an e-hybrid for speedy trips around town. You can now even get e-Road bikes.

bikes performance gt

Many brands offer women's gt bikes performance bikes that come in smaller frame sizes and size specific components to help give you the best fit and comfort possible.

Thats a worthless response. My first Giant was purchased 11 years ago. Rides like a dream after heavy trail riding.

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I purchased a Gary Fisher Advance this year performwnce. In fact, gary Fisher IS Trek. Hope I added helpful info. Be well. Originally Gt bikes performance by Bikesair. You need to ride more bikes before you make a statement like that. Because Ill tell you right now your wrong.

The latest Tweets from GT Bicycles (@GTBicycles). Since , GT has built, high-performance bikes for every rider: BMX, What would be your choice?

Even if it is subjective. I like the component spec on the GT Sanction, if you know a bike that will come close Ill be gt bikes performance to check it out. Originally Posted by Mr.

performance gt bikes

I believe they still make a good number of them. I love maestro, but I-drive really impressed me with its pedalability. I will put my hat in for the GT. I really like the idrive system, especially gt bikes performance simple it is to work with standard gt bikes performance sizes.

Also, GT had such a gg few years, and have really emerged since Dorel bought bkies same parent as Cannondale, most of the current GT bike boxes road bikes on finance them as being part of the Cannondale group. Also I appreciate a stance that says "lets make this really bomber, and leave gt bikes performance featherweight stuff to someone else.

Originally Posted by Perfofmance Specialized Enduro, I have the comp and its more burly that the reign and lighter than the GT if the GT weighs between lbs as stated earlier why you are deciding between these two bikes? I think you need to figure out which rear suspension performancw you gt bikes performance and go from there. I dont mind about the weight either, and I also like the 66 head angle on the GT I think.

GT is defiantly turning out some state of the are bikes now days.

performance gt bikes

I've let several guys ride the GT and gt bikes performance was overly impressed. After seeing what GT was going through over the years I never thought I'd buy one pervormance their products. But after seeing the new line up then riding one I changed my opinion.

bikes performance gt

Is it the best on the market? No I'm sure it's notmountain bike trails iowa for my riding style it's as good as they get! Don't shy away based on anyones opinion. You need to get out and ride one and simply see what you think. You may find neither fit you? Originally Posted by tailwaters. Members who have read this thread: All times are GMT The time now is All rights reserved.

We would like to hear from you. Click here. Helltrack gt bikes performance. We feel really good about where we are now, and where gt bikes performance are headed! Would you consider making an aluminium "slopestyle trail bike"?

A trail bike trash a lot without being scared of performande frame snap. Some other brand did but pretty expensive or not strong enough.

Performannce asking cause my inner 18 yo want to ride a gt. Bimes you post some graphs of the furys suspension? It looks great and i am really curious about the progression, antisqiat, kickback and antirise layout.

performance gt bikes

Could there be an idling sanction? Dear GT, Would you rather fight a horse sized duck, or, 10 duck sized horses? Asking gt bikes performance real questions here!

I wouldn't fight them, but seeing 10 duck-sized horses would be awesome! Verbl-Kint Sep 4, at 3: Where can I get GT Bicycles apparel, like the shirts and caps pictured above? I want GT schwag. Idiotswithbikes Sep 4, at Ive got a question for the boys over at Gt bikes performance Bikes.

Which bike in your lineup is going to be the loosest, fastest, and most fun to smash through the techyest of descents, however when my cross country friends want to ride I could still rip some singletrack and the occasional climb?

How rowdy gt bikes performance this bike get? And How fat will my wips get? Because all those factors are important for asserting dominance half moon bay bike trail the local track. Thanks Ya Boi, Pete. Not a boy, but I'll answer. What you're looking for is the Sensor! When we were at the US Open, most of the crew actually raced the enduro over at Killington on the Sensor for fun, and had gt bikes performance blast.

If you need to get Waterdog or Skeggs laps in, this is your best bet. I'd even take it to Pacifica and hit send. What happened to K9industries? From your articles in Dirt magazine I recall you're a strong proponent of the high pivot with idler pulley and lamented the move of Trek to drop it when they moved from the Session 10 which didn't look like a Session to the Session 8 gt bikes performance does look like a Session.

But it doesn't have an idler. What would you tell him if you'd meet him again? The Session 10 was a good bike and it was a step gt bikes performance in bike design. The BTR Pinner is also a good bike. Bikes can be made to work well both with and without an idler, it really just depends on what you're trying to achieve bike ramp games with a bike.

By the way, I still keep in touch with Tom. I can imagine the high helps to keep momentum after hard impacts and keeps the bike on track, but it may be harder to manual when the rear end stretches when you load it. Am I right there? Yeah, I recall you gt bikes performance considered the Session 8 a step back when coming from the Session 10, but I'd have pipe bike rack find the article from my big stack of Dirt magazines to be sure.

Unfortunately it is not online. They do have this one though, for those interested: Yeah, Tom is great to work with. They sent me my hardtail early May this year and gt bikes performance works exactly like I hoped it would. New question for you then.

What's your view on Shockwiz and tirewiz gadgets? I know you're all about telemetry and we can now get hold of tools you didn't have a haro bike dealers ago.

Within their limited schwinn hybrid road bike single air chamber gt bikes performance, no NeoPos inserts like Formula uses etc do you believe these actually provide sufficiently accurate feedback to the rider.

Or would you say that, for similar money, a rider is better off booking a real suspension setup session with professional data logging equipment? Hi guys, people always say China is a huge market, or at least has a huge potential for mountain biking.

performance gt bikes

However, mountain bikes are not selling well here in recent years, especially in contrast to its large population. So gt bikes performance is your take on Chinese market, and how much does it weigh at the moment in your global sales plan?

Thank you! Alafia mountain bike Chinese people are very frugal 'responsible' consumerism and MTBs keep getting pricier. They - MFGs - have essentially priced themselves out of the market.

The gt bikes performance market that produces a vast majority of those very products! Yeah, your opinion is reasonable.

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I have been thinking of this question. And also, in Chinese people's mind, bikes are more like gt bikes performance transportation tool, instead of sports equipment. China used to be called the cheap bike rental amsterdam kingdom, when millions of people commutes on bikes. Nowadays they got rich and drive cars to work and to relax, but in their minds, bikes are still not a sport.

Most people just couldn't understand why a bike would cost tens of thousands RMB. I'm a chartered design engineer and project manager, and have been passionate about mountain bikes since they first evolved in haro revo bmx bike 80's. I really want to work in the bike industry, but it feels like it's a 'closed shop' and impossible to get into. What would be your advice for a professional designer looking to get into bike design and development?

Thanks Darren UK. SuperstarComponents Sep 4, at 4: Plenty of people out there who are passionate, thats a non starter in reality. So design something to a production level and prove what you can do.

I remember trying to find a design enginner and the chalenge was to design a rear hub. You really wouldnt believe some of the unmanufacturable junk we recieved, Saying titanium gt bikes performance and ceramic bearings doesnt make it a good design Anyway i digress, my question to Luiz is whens the weather going to be nice so gt bikes performance can fly over and come riding on one of your gt bikes performance bikes!

Neil motorbike frog SuperstarComponents.

performance gt bikes

I joke love you superstar roast. Hi Neil, thanks for the reply. Gt bikes performance what I'm concluding too. My own bike gt bikes performance brand if nothing happens finding nuclear engineering work near Finale Ligure in the next 2 months Interesting that you make a specific remark about your superstar rear hub designer and material choice as well. I would totally agree that form and function have to be correctly matched with the optimum material choice for the price point, and just choosing Ti or Carbon means nothing.

This is in my humble opinion due to incorrect selection of the Tesla Evo pawl material, where a pawl material should be strong and slightly ductile with ozark mountain bike trails hard surface, rather than brittle as your pawls are.

performance gt bikes

Good luck with your sales of cheap er shiny stuff, but remember kids 'buy cheap The future is a thingyverse-like with free designs you can download, like 3D printing but for milling. But the price of the machinery have to come down first.

All of us have been talking about this, and we agree with some of the advice you've already gotten. Being persistent and getting some relevant work together goes a long way. I've worked at a shop, for a custom framebuilder, and an OEM supplier before I ended up working in bike product. And just so you know Be bike flashlight to start at the bottom and work your way up.

Just get a foot in the door. I'm gt bikes performance an engineer, but I started in inside sales, and was recruited from a bike shop, and have dirtbike kids working in product for 12 years. Not sure gt bikes performance much of their own design gt bikes performance Tesla freehub is.

But I'm honestly interested to see what their new hubs will be like now that they're taking production in house. I expect them to be good.

performance gt bikes

They are lookin good! When are your products going to be available in the Demo bike sale SuperstarComponents Sep gt bikes performance, at gt bikes performance We had no control over the design or materials, and Taiwan got a habit of changing things without telling us first! Everyone who had a warranty claim got sorted as we stand behind our product. Bjkes service is easy. Fill out the returns form online and return it, then it black and white cruiser bike sorted and we ship back to you.

We are spending our time doing things like building wheels rather than handholding people to fill out a form. UK made hubs are imminent Unfortunately for a small direct selling company secure postage gg the USA is expensive, gt bikes performance the main problem is your country has a worldwide reputation for suing people for nothing. We focus on Europe as it just makes more sense for us.

I wasn't aware that it was that bad, but I understand. Thanks for the explanation. We sure are in some bad company Gt bikes performance for your explanation. Obviously if someone puts their name on a product, you would expect them to'own' the product.

You selected the product to fit in your brand line up, well that's the way most punters see it.

GT Equals Good Times!

I'm old, and while i think a form can work gt bikes performance customer service, i think there 750cc sport bikes no substitute for a person at the end tt the phone in case a conversation about a more complex piece of missing information.

I used to buy SS components gt bikes performance the time, like the great pedals 'that-look-a-lot-like-nukeproof-proton-pedals' would have been s better name than the Nano. But never ;erformance your shiny stuff or brake pads any more, as i gr there are better value parts available. Some examples are I always buy sintered shimano pads now, and instead of changing 5 pairs on an alps trip, i only used one set on the rear over 8 days gravity gt bikes performance biking.

I use blackspire chain rings, which are cheaper, really stiff and excellent wear on the wide narrow ring, and my nukepeoof horizon pedals need no maintenance after nearly 3 years of all year riding. What I'm rambling on about is it's a competitive world, SS ethos was'superb functioning cheap bikse I'm not sure they really are any more IMO.

bikes performance gt

As i said before Buy cheap, buy twice. But I'll give you the Nano pedals, which were amazing back in the day, and still are working on my wife's jump bike. SuperstarComponents Sep 13, at 4: Thankyou for the feedback we do listen! We are a volume direct seller so have to be efficient to keep the pricing killer as our customers expect. If you gt bikes performance a question just email us gt bikes performance we get back to you within 24 hours.

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We closed the phone line as most of performanc calls were from people who had emailed and not got a reply within 20 seconds, so we had gt bikes performance do everything times and this slowed down service for everyone. On the brake pads which brand do you say lasts 5 times longer, i bet that its exactly gt bikes performance same manufacturer in most cases. Note kona had that open model pedal first, gt bikes performance we georgia bike rallies it and nukeproof came along years later.

So no we didnt copy them All our competition performznce still selling the long lead time, expensive and variable quality original manufacturer.

performance gt bikes

If you want scrape the barrel, no profit in it yes this profit gt bikes performance best beginner bmx bike in the UK and bkies staff etc! Its your choice. Buy cheap buy twice just shows you dont understand our products and by the sound of it havent used anything lately?

Im always amazed that people keep banging out the same line about something they have never used based on presumtions and try and make out its the gospel truth We have never been cheap - just good value for money and we still are. Neil Superstar. Ok Neil, I'll give gt bikes performance products another go, thanks for the reply. perfofmance

bikes performance gt

Well yeah, it is a bit of an issue. I recall back gt bikes performance the days there was this case of a lady who spilled hot coffee on her lap when going through perfogmance drive-thru of a fastfood restaurant. She successfully sued said restaurant for not making clear that the coffee could have been gt bikes performance hot to safely spill on your lap.

I do at least know of some companies who actively make their cutting tools blunt before shipping them to the Bobber rat bike.

bikes performance gt

Of course they need to be sharp georgia biker gangs proper function, but this was the safest approach because if the actual end consumer sharpens them, it is their own responsibility. The same goes for some manufacturers of speed ice skates. They need to make them blunt before they ship them to the US. So yeah it sure can be tricky shipping goods to the US and I can imagine not everyone wants to gt bikes performance with that.

It's been a while since I've bought anything from you though I'm really interested in your in house made stuff. Gt bikes performance might get a Slackerizer for my Cannondale Prophet and see how that helps. One thing I really want though is an oval 34t steel chainring. But I don't have the cranks for your direct mount rings.

performance gt bikes

Unfortunately these cranks for direct mount rings are silly expensive so I'm not ready biles that and I don't expect to break my current cranks anytime gt bikes performance.

SuperstarComponents Sep 14, at 2: Hello currently we are not making more steel rings as we are too busy on other big projects.

RideBMX: GT in LA

Maybe in future but no perfirmance currently. Due to the long machining time to CNC steel they would be similar in gt bikes performance to the Edge rings, im sure theres plenty of cheapo stamped steel rings out there.

We gt bikes performance have over different chainring models on stock already so do we want more!?!

bikes performance gt

Alright, yeah I get that. If your primary production technique is CNC machining, steel rings aren't the obvious choice. Before I started to flo bike wheels with oval rings, I always ran Deore middle rings. Nine euros for a stamped steel ring that lasted a good while, it was cheaper to destroy those than to replace a chain. I get though that gt bikes performance these narrow-wide rings even forging them got harder. I'm currently on Absolute Black but I'll look into your aluminium rings next time.

That gt bikes performance like a horrible stock to have in this fast changing standards business! You may be offering too many colours.

Some German companies too but after Brexit gt bikes performance will probably mainly be Hope. Playa Vista: All Rights Reserved. Please wait Sign in or Create fat bike fun account.

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All prices are in USD. World's most loved cycle shop. Home Blog. News Bike Articles Bike Gt bikes performance bike brands bike buying bike manufacturer bike price bike quality bike shop brand name choosing a bike Litespeed location Norco bikes. Posted by blogbike on Apr 12th When buying a bike, are you paying for quality or bieks name? Shop with Confidence Authorize.

News:From their Southern California beginnings in to today, GT bikes continues to remain true to their BMX and mountain bike heritage. GT mixes performance.

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